Budget Friendly Damascus Knives

Damascus seems to be the ultimate goal for a knife collection and yet it is a beast on its own. Damascus steel is a lost art that knife makers try to replicate in present day so the outcomes are extremely varied. So when it comes time to picking your own Damascus knife, the question is which one should you pick? Well to make things easy we have something for everyone’s budget!

Boker Damascus Folding Knife Budget at Grindworx.com

Probably the most budget friendly model we carry is the Boker Magnum Senior Damascus Folding Knife. Boker always turns out excellent patterns in both the burl and the Damascus blade. For a blade under $50.00, I feel like this gives you your most bang for your buck.

For you Bali-song fans out there we have the Bear and Son Large Tanto Damascus Blade.

Bear & Son Damascus Butterfly Balisong Knife at Grindworx.com

Bear does a great job getting some exceptional pieces on the market for under the $100.00 range. This is a large chunk of Damascus that you would be proud to show to your friends. Markings are great and always unique (that’s the joy of Damascus!)

The company Kanetsune always delivers. The knives are made in Japan and can range in price from around $100.00 to over $200.00. Despite the higher price tag you will be happy you spent the money that you did. My favorite would be the Kanetsune Shinobi Shark Skin Fixed Blade (pictured below). It comes with the traditional samurai sword handle wrap with shark skin on the handle. The sheath is even made of wood!

Kanetsune Shinobi Shark Skin Fixed Blade Knife at Grindworx.com

As I said, it doesn’t matter which Kanetsune you pick, they are made exceptionally well.

Finally with our knife selections we come to the crown jewel. Another Boker knife with the stiletto flair, the Boker Classic Leverlock 713 Automatic knife is a pricey knife. However the attention to detail is amazing. The lever will activate the spring to open the blade and also release the lock so you can close it. You will find the lines in the Damascus are exquisite and everything just catches the eye. Boker decided rather than keeping with the traditional wave pattern, to go with more of a droplet pattern.

Knives aren’t the only thing that Grindworx has to offer in Damascus steel. We have a large assortment of Damascus beads by Grindworx that you can use to accent your knife lanyards. The options are limitless when it comes to what you can use these beads for. I particularly love the Concave Damascus bead.


These are probably the most notable Damascus pieces that we carry on Grindworx. Hopefully this helps with your decision making needs! As Gavkoo says on YouTube “Don’t cut yourself!”

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