Best Damascus Knives under $40

best Damascus knives Damascus is one of my favorite blade materials, but it can get pretty pricey. Fortunately for you, Grindworx has some Damascus knives that look like a million bucks but are still friendly on your wallet. Even though you can find some reasonably priced Damascus knives, you might find yourself wondering why Damascus usually costs so much anyway. To understand that, you first have to understand the inner workings of Damascus.

What is Damascus Anyway?

Damascus is typically a pretty distinctive material. Each piece of Damascus is unique, like a fingerprint. In fact, Damascus patterns have always kind of reminded me of fingerprints or the growth rings you’d find on a tree stump. Each Damascus blade is different because of the process that goes into making Damascus. Damascus is made by combining at least two different layers of steel together. Damascus has been around for a very long time, but the ancient method for making Damascus has been lost over time. Now, Damascus is made using techniques that create the same look as ancient Damascus, but I can’t say if the method is the same as the methods used anciently, because no one really knows. Here’s how Damascus is made today: Two or more layers of steel are basically folded together over and over again. This creates the unique patterns that you find in Damascus knives. If you want a comparison, imagine folding two different colors of Play-Doh together over and over again. You can imagine that the colors would get mixed together, creating a sort of Play-Doh marbling. This is essentially what happens when you mix two steels together to create Damascus. After the steels have been folded together, the blade is acid etched. The two steels react to the acid differently, which creates two things: contrast in the color of the steels and therefore the visibility of the Damascus patterns. So as you can see, Damascus is not simple to make. This is one of the main reasons Damascus is typically a pricier steel. Lucky you, though, because Grindworx has some amazing Damascus knives for less than $40! Take a look!

 Best Damascus Knives Under $40

Tiger Damascus Warrior Assisted tiger-usa-tf704bw

This is the only knife in this post that does not feature real Damascus. Instead, what you see is what’s called “faux Damascus.” It’s an overlay that’s set on top of the stainless steel blade. It may not be real Damascus, but it sure looks cool and you can’t beat it for the price! Because it’s not real Damascus, you might feel better about using this knife for everyday carry than other knives that feature the real thing. This spring assisted knife is 8 inches long overall, but it’s just 4.625 inches long when closed.




Tallen Damascus Puukko Fixed Blade puukko-knife-fixed-damascus

Right now, this knife costs only $6.50 more than the Tiger Faux Damascus knife above, but it has real Damascus. Who knew you could get a legit Damascus knife for less than $20? Grindworx. That’s who. The Damascus in this knife has been folded between 250 and 300 times to create the pattern you see above. The blade has been hollow ground and the handle is made of solid wood. Overall, this knife comes to 7 inches in length and it weighs 2.30 ounces. (Comes with a leather sheath.)





Damascus Bequest Stag Pocket Knife folder-ye-1002-1

You can’t beat a good old-fashioned pocket knife, and when you pair one with a Damascus blade, you’ve got yourself a winner. This knife is 5.875 inches long overall and 2.50 inches when closed. The bolster is also made of Damascus and the handle features stag scales for an overall really classy knife.






I hope this post goes to show that you don’t have to fork over half your paycheck just to get a sweet Damascus knife. There are much more affordable options out there that will get your friends asking you where you got your amazing knife. Be sure to tell them you got it at Grindworx! What do you think of Damascus?

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