Aero Blades Throwing Knives

We just got some new throwing knives in at Grindworx, and they are my favorite throwing knives by far! Take a look:


A lot of the throwing knives I’ve seen are black or gray, perhaps with a bit of zombie green on them, but these come in three different colors and multiple blade styles. I especially like how the blades are colored (mostly along the grind).

Each of these sets of knives is 9 inches long overall with blades that are in the 4.5-inch range, as far as length is concerned. These knives are available with the following blade shapes: dagger (with two different handle styles), drop point, and spear.

Each knife set comes with two knives, and they’re made of 440 stainless steel. They’re also wrapped in paracord for good gripping and smooth release when you’re throwing these sweet blades. The weight on these knives is 2.89 ounces.

Any throwing knives you find on Grindworx are going to be great, but these ones have a distinctive look and lots of personality that will make them stand out in your collection.

Add some of these Aero Blades throwing knives to your collection, and get them from Grindworx!

Do you like throwing knives? What’s your favorite blade shape to throw?


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