Throwing Stars: Which One is Right for Me?

Throwing Stars

Throwing stars are awesome, so the question should never be, “Do you like throwing stars?” Instead it should be, “What throwing star is right for me?”

Even if you’ve never handled throwing stars or throwing knives for that matter, it’s never too late to start! Throwing stars are a little more exotic than your everyday throwing knife. You might have one friend or acquaintance that has throwing knives, but how many people do you know that have throwing stars?  My guess is probably not that many. You should be one of those few people wise enough to have throwing stars.

There are different types of people in this world. Lucky for you, there just so happen to be different types of throwing stars that are just right for every person out there. Take a look and discover what type of throwing star is just right for you.


Sampler Sets

You know those sampler plates you can get at restaurants with like three different meals on it? Those are my best friends because I can play to my indecisive side and try a few things rather than just one. This throwing star set is the sharp-edged equivalent of sampler platters:


This set of throwing stars comes with four stars that differ slightly from one another, but they’re each about 2.5 inches across. If you can’t decide on just one throwing star style, then these are your answer. They’d also be great if you’ve never handled throwing stars before and you’re not quite sure what to get. These different styles might help you figure out what type of star you prefer so that you can settle on one type of throwing star later.





Do you tend to find something you like and stick with it whether it’s a menu item at a restaurant or a specific model of shoes? If so, then traditional throwing stars might be right up your ally. They have straightforward designs that have stood the test of time, and they’re a great safe option if you want to get something you’re familiar with.



There are people out there who do everything all out. One might even call them “intense.” If you’re an intense person (and you know who you are), then you might want to go with something less traditional that’s just plain awesome. We actually have quite a few throwing stars that have unique spins on the traditional star, and I have to say, they look pretty freakin’ awesome. Here are just a few of them:

paul-ehlers-mastery-cutlery-tri-blade-throwing-shuriken-star-pe-618 throwing-star-z1020b-cyclone throwing-star-z-1022b-amped-volt united-cutlery-throwing-star-black-ronin-uc2917



















As you can see, these throwing stars have interesting and aggressive angles, and they definitely don’t look like your typical beginner throwing star. If you want something that will get attention from your friends and has more edge than other throwing stars, get throwing stars like these.


Just Plain Fun 

If you are just looking to have a good time and aren’t really looking to become an “expert” at throwing stars, get something that’s a little more lighthearted.

Grindworx-biohazard-throwing-stars-3set z-1014











What throwing stars fit you best?

Remember: Grindworx is the place to get your throwing stars, knives, axes, and everything else that’s cool in this world!

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