They Found The Blade HQ Salt Knife!

Remember when Ben stashed a couple Salt Series Spydercos in the Great Salt Lake? To test the corrosion resistance of Myodo Metal Company’s H-1 steel, we buried them deep in the water and sand to see if they could stand up to some of the harshest conditions in North America. The H-1 Salts were up to the task. After 2 weeks in a salinity 8 times that of the Pacific Ocean, they were as good as new and ready to perform.

We buried the Salt Enuff back in the sand and put out the GPS coordinates for a dedicated knife hunter to find. Hungry for a thrill and a free knife, Nick and John arrived at the Great Salt Lake, surprised to find that they were both in pursuit of the same goal. Rather than duke it out, the two bros used the power of teamwork to track down the hidden knife together. Unified by a passion for knives they became fast friends. We couldn’t leave one guy empty handed so we hooked John up with his own Spyderco Pacific Salt for his efforts.

Spyderco Salt Series H-1 Enuff Kydex Sheath Dive Knife Fixed Blade Steel
Score! Nick and John with their Spyderco Salt Enuff treasure!

If you’re a boater, diver, or just frequently get out in wet, sloppy, and salty environments, add an H-1 to your kit and be confident your tool will be ready to perform when you need it most. No more pulling a rusty knife out of your pocket – this is the era of H-1 blade steel! We’ve got a whole host of Spyderco Salt Series models on offer with the right specs to power through any task. If you need serrations to slice tough raw materials or rope we’ve got you covered too.
Spyderco Salt Series H-1 Enuff Kydex Sheath Dive Knife Fixed Blade Steel
Spyderco Salt Series straight out of the Great Salt Lake.

Sad you weren’t as lucky as John and Nick? Get ready because we’re going to be stashing more Blade HQ gear for you to find as we go on adventures across the USA. Keep an eye on YouTube, Instagram, and The Knife Blog for opportunities to score sweet free gear!
What pocket knife do you dream of finding on your next trip to the great outdoors? Let us know in the comments below. To see more dive knives like the Spyderco Salt series, check out our guide to the Best Dive Knives.

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