Splinter CA Legal Automatic Knife

This pretty little knife is the Splinter. It has wood inlays, but don’t worry; despite its name, the knife won’t give you splinters. (Sorry, sometimes I can’t resist an easy pun when I see one.)

The Splinter is an automatic knife, and what’s awesome about it is that it is a budget knife, but it still looks really sleek because of its wood handles—it just goes to show that you can get a nice-looking blade without breaking the bank.


The Splinter comes in three colors:

splinter-blue-sp353bl splinter-green-sp353gn splinter-red-sp353rd

I’m telling you, if you’re into automatic knives but are trying to watch your spending, the Splinter can give you the best of both worlds! It gives you a knife that’s a blast to use and the peace of mind of knowing that you’ve still got plenty of your hard-earned money left to go and get even more knives with!

The Splinter is super compact. It totals 4.8 inches in length and it has a 1.9-inch blade, so when it’s closed, it’s just around 3 inches long. The sub-2-inch blade also means this knife is Cali legal!

The weight is also pretty astoundingly light—2.6 ounces! That means when it’s in your hand or in your pocket, you’ll hardly even know it’s there.


The Splinter is one of those rare gems that is both awesome and affordable. Get your Splinter at Grindworx!

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