SHOT Show 2018, Day 3

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“Like a kid in a candy store.”
1. Definition (expr.): feeling as though all of one’s wishes are coming true; delighted because of the wonderful situation one is in; extremely happy because of all the good things that are happening.
Examples: “John is a big time knife fan. He’s loved knives since he was a kid. So, when he got to go to SHOT Show 2018, he felt like a kid in a candy store. He was super happy.”
That’s a legit entry in a dictionary.
Just kidding. I made that up. But it’s still an accurate description of our team on day three of SHOT Show 2018. We may have passed the halfway mark of this year’s show, but we are still riding on the joy that comes from being surrounded by so much edgy, sharpened goodness. We talked to Bear & Son, Hinderer, TOPS, Brous Blades, Smith & Wesson, LionSteel, and Ka-Bar—and they’ve all got really good knives coming your way this year. Check out some of our favorites below.

Bear & Son

There’s something about a homegrown, rural American knife company that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Their dedication to producing quality blades for all uses and walks of life is one of the things we like best about Bear & Son. This year, the company is responding to its fans and introducing a new, CNC milled, stainless steel edition of the 115 butterfly. This newcomer represents a $20-25 price increase over the current average 115, but provides a more durable entry balisong for those looking to break into the flipping scene.
Also on the horizon is a traditional lockback automatic knife—the first from the Bear & Son brand—in two sizes and handle options, including rosewood and G-10. Reminiscent of the Buck 110, this auto has good action and is a more budget-friendly option for traditional knife lovers.
Finally, the Bear OPS brand is branching out and offering something that should attract the attention of the ladies in the knife industry: a new color combo for the Bear Song 4 that isn’t bubble gum pink. We’re pleased to see a departure from the stereotype—and this thing is a looker. I’m a sucker for cyan, and there is still a hint of pink web over spray for those who like a touch of pink.


TOPS has been busy, folks. Their booth this year had new entries in just about every category from survival to tactical to a surprising TOPS first—a chef’s knife. First off, we’d like to congratulate TOPS on their 20th anniversary! In celebration of the milestone, they are introducing limited edition runs of at least six models, including the Tom Brown Tracker #3. Some of the limited edition features will include upgraded steel, more handle material choices, and a unique 20th Anniversary logo on the blade.
One of the first knives we saw has been generating buzz for years, but we can now confirm to fans that the Fieldcraft folder will hit the shelves this year. No word yet on an exact release date, but the finish line is in view. We’ll be sure to make some noise when that one is coming in, so check back with us regularly. You won’t want to miss it.
And now for the knife with the most intriguing backstory—the Dicer. TOPS Knives has a tradition of hosting design contests within the company, and has a number of different knives and tools in their lineup which started out as employee designs. The most recent competition winner, the Dicer is the brainchild of one of TOPS’ graphic designers. We love that this kitchen-bound blade still had a rugged, survival, rough-around-the-edges look to it. You’ll definitely do some serious damage to your produce with it.

Brous Blades

Before we proceed, there’s something that needs to be said.
Some really good knives come out of China.
There. We said it. And it’s about time you guys believed it. Sure, there will always be a special place in our hearts for anything made in the good ole’ U.S. of A. But Brous Blades is showing us all up by stepping outside of the ‘Merican comfort zone and importing some budget editions of their most popular models. Yep, from China. So, if you’ve ever had your eye on a Silent Soldier, Elite Enforcer, or Mikkel Willumsen Reloader and just haven’t been able to cough up the change for one—take a look at Brous’ imported line. Original Brous designs with D2 blade steel, a tough plastic polymer handle, and a lifetime warranty—all for well under $100? We’re not complaining.
On the other end of the spectrum is an unnamed, U.S.A.-made, integral titanium framelock knife. A sinewy vision of glinting titanium from point to pommel, it’s a design that Brous has had up their sleeve for a while. They put some feelers out on Instagram and asked for some feedback, which was a resounding, “MAKE IT. NOW.” No definite release date yet, and the price point will easily land in the $500 range—but we have a feeling that the line for this knife will be plenty long. Check it out below.

If we didn’t cover your favorite manufacturer here, never fear. We’ve been sitting down with every big name in the industry, so head over to our Instagram account and our SHOT Show 2018 YouTube playlist to get the scoop on all the best new knives coming out this year. While you’re at it, hit up our Coming Soon page and get on the wishlist or preorder your favorite new blades—once they drop, they won’t stick around for long. Come back tomorrow to see our coverage of SHOT Show’s final day!
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