New!: Limited Edition Damascus Boker Kalashnikovs

If you thought the black Damascus Kalashnikov was cool, check these out:


We just got these limited edition Damascus Kalashnikovs in, and they are my favorite Kalashnikovs to date. When you combine Damascus steel with different handle options, you can’t lose. These still have the classic, solid Kalashnikov action you’ve come to know and love, and they still give you a good bang for your buck.

The Damascus in each knife will vary slightly due to the nature of the material, but each Damascus blade has 192 layers of steel in it.

If you’re looking for your first Kalashnikov or you want to shake things up a bit with your collection, these limited edition Kalashnikovs are your answer!

Get your limited edition Kalashnikov at Grindworx!



2 thoughts on “New!: Limited Edition Damascus Boker Kalashnikovs

  1. Am interested in acquiring one of the limited edition damascus kalashnikov knives. What is the price and what arrangements are needed to purchase one?
    Please advise,
    Rick Nylander

    1. Rick-
      Thank you for your interest, its a beautiful knife. The knife can be found here Unfortunately we currently do not have any in stock, however they have been back ordered, so hopefully we will have them again soon. Be sure to check the “email me” box and you will be notified when they are in stock. Let us know if we can help with anything else.

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