New Frank B. Stilettos!


I know you guys are crazy about your stilettos! Out of all of the sweet blades we have over here at Grindworx, stilettos are definitely some of the classiest.

Frank B. stilettos are made in Italy, and they are some of the most beautiful stilettos you’ll encounter. They showcase great craftsmanship and beautiful materials for a very elegant product.

We just got a ton of new Frank B. stilettos in last week. Take a look at some of my favorites, and remember: get your Italian stilettos and all your knives at Grindworx!


Frank-b-stilletos-9in-honey-flat Frank-b-stilletos-9in-stag-flat (1)  Frank-b-stilletos-9in-tip-horn-bayo Frank-b-stilletos-11in-stag-swing-tact-bayo fb-11-swing-tac-bay-2014 akc-9-swing-sim-stone-bayo

Frank-b-stilletos-11in-swing-camel-bayo-tact fb-9-honey-kriss





































Pretty sweet, right? Which Frank B. stiletto is your favorite?

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