Legion Butterfly Knives

We have some butterfly knives that I am pretty excited about at Grindworx. Take a look at the Legion butterfly knife:


These butterfly knives are very affordable, and I think my most favorite thing about them is that they have micarta handle scales. I, for one, haven’t seen micarta handles on many budget butterfly knives. The Legion is available in red and black:















Both of these butterfly knives have a 4-inch blade and total 8.875 inches in length. They also have tang pins and a sturdy sheath. The total weight of each butterfly knife is 3.49 ounces, so these are fairly light balisongs.

These butterfly knives can be had at a great price, they look nice, and they are a lot of fun. Life only gets better with each balisong that you buy, so make the Legion butterfly knife your next balisong purchase. Get yours and all your knives at Grindworx!

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