Lansky Willumsen Folding Knives: Budget-Friendly Mikkel Willumsen Designs

If you’re a huge knife addict, you might recognize the name “Willumsen.” That’s because Mikkel Willumsen is a very gifted designer. His style is pretty distinctive, and even though this is a more budget-friendly knife…

lansky-willumsen-responder-x9-g10 for the blog

…it’s still very clearly a Willumsen design. A lot of his designs are at least somewhat expensive, but with these Lansky knives, you get the perk of having a Willumsen design at a price that won’t empty your bank account.

The knife you see above is the Lansky Willumsen Responder X9. It’s 9 inches long overall, and it has a 3.75-inch, Sandovik 12C27 blade. Like all of Willumsen’s designs, the Responder is super functional and has good cutting ability, corrosion resistance, and corrosion resistance. It also has a liner lock, and it can be opened with the thumb hole or flipper.

Honestly, though, my favorite part of this knife is the overall look. Most folding knives look relatively the same, but this one has personality that makes it stand out.


Here’s another Lansky Willumsen design:

lansky-willumsen-world-legal-slip-joint-lkn333 for the blog

This is the Lansky Willumsen World Legal Slip Joint Knife. It’s very similar to the Responder as far as design goes, but it’s quite a bit smaller. The overall length on this knife is 7 inches, and the 440C blade is 2.75 inches long. The shorter length makes this slip joint more suitable for everyday carry than the Responder, too. The handle has some nice jimping on it that provides some really nice control.


Both of these knives are fantastic designs by a top-notch designer, but they have very attractive price points. If you need a good folding knife, or if you just appreciate good design, get yourself a Lansky Willumsen folding knife at Grindworx!



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