Kryptic Dual Action Automatic OTF


I’m convinced you can never have too many out-the-front knives. If you feel the same way, you’re in luck; at Grindworx, we’ve got a great selection of budget-friendly OTF knives so you can keep getting them to your heart’s content.

The Kryptic OTF is dual action, so the sliding button on the handle will both deploy and retract the blade. It also has partial serrations on both sides of the blade and Torx screw construction. The handle sports a glass breaker and a tip-down carry pocket clip.

Overall, the OTF comes to 8.25 inches in length, and it has a blade length of 3.25 inches and a weight of 5.57 ounces.

The Kryptic is a great size for everyday carry, and you can rough it up all you want without feeling too bad because it’s so affordable. Get your Kryptic automatic OTF at Grindworx! It’s a fun knife to add to any collection.

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