Key Chain Stilettos

There’s something awesome about a stiletto. The fact that they’re Italian alone adds a foreign flair to any knife collection, and they are really elegant knives. Also, there may have been a stiletto in Gladiator.  Just sayin’.

If you’re looking for a knife that’s on the shorter side, though, you might think a stiletto is not for you.  But wait! There just might be a stiletto out there that will suit your fancy.


If size is a concern for you, look no further than these stiletto key chains. If size isn’t a concern for you, look no further than these key chains. They will complete you.

With a stiletto attached to your keys, you’ll have a knife with you everywhere you go, and a stylish one at that. What more could you ask for? These tiny knives aren’t just for looks though; they actually work, and they make for a trusty companion.

Check out these keychain stilettos and more at Grindworx, where all the fun is.

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