Gear Up For Halloween: Costuming Tips



This past weekend I was lucky enough to go to a local comic convention.  One of the biggest things I always look forward to seeing at these conventions are the costumes. People spend so much time and money, and the results are absolutely staggering.  Lately, we have been going over how you can “gear up for Halloween”.  So, while I was at this convention, I decided to snag some pictures.  That way you all can see how other people are using their gear to take their costumes to the next level.

While I was at the convention, a world record was set.  Most comic book characters in one place.  So I got to see over 1700 different costumes in one place, some utilizing different items, that you can get right here.

Arguably one of the most popular costumes at any comic convention, will always be Deadpool.  The merc with the mouth is extremely popular.  In one of our last posts we showed you some fantastic ways to beef up your Deadpool costume.  Here are some of the ways people have done that.


Utilizing utility belts, knuckles, knives, you name it.  There are a million different ways to make your Deadpool stand out above the rest this Halloween.

A very popular option for the ladies is Lara Croft.  Whether costuming as the original, or the re-boot version, you can’t go wrong with this awesome Lady.  I saw several awesome women cosplayers, all of which had fantastic costumes.  Costuming as Lara Croft is the perfect opportunity to really gear it up.  Grab any number of items and you instantly take your characters costume a step up.  With so many gadgets and accessories, there is definitely something for the Lara Croft cosplayer this Halloween.


I made it a point to ask several cosplayers around the con, just what exactly when into making a great costume.  They all had several things in common.

1.)    Patience.   No matter what you are working on, you need to have patience.  The minute you start getting frustrated, that’s when you start fudging sewing lines, or ruining whatever you’re working on.  Take a deep breath, and relax.

2.)    Dedication.  If you don’t love the character, it will show.  Having a dedication, and love for the character will really translate to your costume.  People will see just how much you love your character by how much work you put into the costume.

3.)    When in doubt, buy it.  Occasionally there will be things you just can’t do yourself.  Whether it’s from lack of experience or lack of time, sometimes you will just have to bite the bullet and buy some of your accessories.   And when that happens, we have you covered.

So what do you think?  Do you plan on gearing up this Halloween and really making an impact?   How so?  How do you plan on standing out this Halloween?  Any tips for the novice cosplayer?  Let us know in the comments below.

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