Gear Grades: OTF Knife Recommendations

Today we’re talking OTF knife recommendations. Out-The-Front knives are more than a novelty. All the knives in this list feature a rapid, cheetah-swift deployment, and are perfect for EDC (if your local laws permit legal carry). I’m going to break this list down by price, with an all-star recommendation for each featured brand.

Paragon, Para-X, ~$170+

The awesomely affordable Asheville Steel Paragon PARA-XD

Famous for the unique mechanism on their Warlock, Paragon Knives also makes a praise-worthy OTF knife. These blades deliver with a reliable opening mechanism and unique, no-apologies aesthetics. Pick one up in any color combination or blade style you can imagine. Black on black, serrated edges, orange handle, blue tanto blade—whatever you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

Microtech, Ultratech, ~$255+

The must for any collector—the Microtech Ultratech

Simply put, when it comes to the OTF knife, Microtech is king. The Microtech Ultratech is the OTF all others aspire to be. With a solid, snappy action, these knives are something you’ll need to experience for yourself. The Ultratech features a glass breaker and is available in Elmax or crème de la crème Bohler M390 blade steel. Microtech OTF knives are frequently sold out—don’t be afraid to shop other available models!

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Guardian Tactical, Recon-035, ~$270+

The new kid on the block—Guardian Tactical Recon-035

Guardaian Tactical is new on the OTF knife scene, but they have stepped up to the plate ready to hit it out of the freaking park. Their deployment mechanism is patented for its unique slider, which runs on three tiny ceramic balls. Smooth and quick, the Guardian Tactical Recon rivals any out-the-front knife on the market with its materials and action. Experience innovation with the new Recon-035 OTF!

Hogue Knives, OTF, ~$295

Make a statement with the Hogue OTF

Hogue didn’t get too creative with the name of this knife—it is simply the OTF, but they took a few more liberties when it comes to the design. Textured aluminum handle scales with ergonomic finger grooves give excellent connection to the knife in hand. Made in USA and featuring a deep carry pocket clip, this USA-based company is one you can be proud to support.

Heretic Knives, Cleric, ~$300+

The clean and classy Cleric

Can an OTF knife be sexy? In the case of the Heretic Cleric, the answer is yes, with no hesitation. This design oozes appeal through a refined design. Clean, modern lines compliment a classic color pallet. The unique dual-pronged pocket clip shows the world no stone was left unturned in the creation of this blade. The Cleric strikes the difficult balance between functional tool and artistic specimen.

Benchmade Knives, Infidel, ~$400

Benchmade is the preeminent knife brand in a number of style categories. From manual folders to autos to fixed blades, that market dominance also extends to the OTF knife. The Infidel features a sliding button on the front handle scale, a unique detail among OTFs. Pick up the Blade HQ exclusive, which comes with an olive drab handle and premium CPM-S30V blade. Made in USA and sporting one of the best warranties in the knife industry, your Infidel will be loyal in service for many years to come.

OTF Knife Wrap-Up

Check out my recent post on all the best automatic knives! To see more OTF in-depth information, check out our guide to the Best OTF Knives.

Which one of our OTF knife recommendations appeals to you most? Are you a traditionalist with a Microtech Ultratech or does the brand new Guardian Tactical Recon-035 tickle your fancy? Live somewhere that doesn’t let you carry an out-the-front? Do you carry an OTF that didn’t make the list? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below!

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