Gavko Bowie Knives

Every once in a while I like to go off the beaten path and talk about knives that aren’t your traditional Bowies. Gavko knives fit into this category; take a look at a couple of new Bowies Michal Gavak made:

gavko-custom-fixed-bowie-bk-br-micarta gavko-custom-fixed-bowie-odgreen-micarta

Gavko has a presence on YouTube, and he makes some really neat, handmade knives. His designs are typically very ergonomic and place a great deal of focus on the user. The two knives you see pictured have AEB-L, which is a very pure steel.

Another thing I like about Gavko knives is that the designs are simple and functional, but they also have a bit of personality in them—especially with regard to the handle designs.

If you want a Bowie, but are trying to think outside the traditional Bowie blade, give Gavko knives a shot. The blades have the clip point blade with a slight twist, and the design is really unique.

Get your Gavko Bowie at Blade HQ!

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