Finding Something Different.



Recently I was on a bit of a road trip and stumbled across something interesting and unique.   I was in one of those “Side-of-the-road” tourist traps when I found a knife made from an animal jawbone.   It was an interesting find, to say the least.   Unfortunately, the shop owner would not let me snap any pictures, otherwise, I would have shared them with you, his loss I guess.

Seeing this unique and interesting knife got me thinking.  Just how many people out there are creating different and interesting knives on their own?

One Reddit user Enkiduenkita, shared an interesting story about a unique knife maker near them.
“The owner of a local record store in Hudson city, New York makes knives cut out of old sawmill circular blades, and fits them into handles made from the jaws of mammal skulls. Apparently it’s something of a family trade. Unfortunately, I don’t have any images…”
These knives sound incredibly cool.  We would love to be able to see them up close.
It sounds like more and more people are finding truly unique knife creations in some of the most unexpected of places.  I don’t know about all of you, but I just can’t get enough of these knives.

One of my favorite places to stumble across never before seen knives is at all kinds of different conventions.   Recently I was at a comic convention and stumbled across some fantastic, “Geek-themed” knives, hand-made by the guy selling them.  A comic convention was easily one of the last places I expected to find anyone selling pocket knives, yet here they were and they were absolutely beautiful.

So that brings up the question “What have you found?”   Are there any interesting or unique knives you have found when you least expected it?   Knife gems are hiding all over the place, and we want to see them all.   Tell us all about the knife you came across by accident, out of the blue.

Or maybe you are one of those un-sung heroes who is creating these impressive, one-of-a-knife knives.   I think I speak for all of us knife guys when I say “We want to see your knives!!”

Feel free to share pictures or descriptions of these knives that can’t be found anywhere else!   Or, tell us your story!   We absolutely love hearing unique and different knife stories from all over.

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