ESEE Knives in the Movies

esee movie
(*If you’re wondering where this movie is, it looks like the air date and name of the movie have since been changed. The movie is now entitled “Sabotage,” and the new release date is March 28, 2014.)
If any of you are planning on going to the movie “Ten” that’s coming out this month,  be on the lookout for Arnold Schwarzenegger and the ESEE-4 that he’ll be carrying around. You can see its handle in the picture above. (Or should I say, you can “ESEE” its handle in the picture? Ha.) From what I’ve seen online the movie comes out on January 24, which is two weeks from today.
Since we’re on the subject, here are a few more movies that feature ESEE knives:
G.I. Joe 
GIJoe2 (1) gi-joe-knife
This image is from the Randall’s Adventure & Training Facebook page. Here’s how they captioned the picture:
“Now that the movie GI Joe is out, we thought we’d post up a movie prop that was made from the ESEE-6 Clip Point. The handle is huge and made for the Rock’s hands.”
I wasn’t able to find good pictures, but ESEE knives are also featured in these movies:
Battle: Los Angeles
Red Dawn
Transformers 3 – ESEE supplied all the knives for this movie
If you find any good pictures of ESEE knives in the movies, feel free to post them in the comments section below for us to look at!
What’s your favorite ESEE? I’m rather partial to the Izula, myself.

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