Black Legion Double Trouble


The Black Legion Double Trouble is made by United Cutlery—the company makes some pretty unique-looking knives that have a fantasy factor, and some of them just scream “zombie.” I really like this knife because while it does look somewhat like a fantasy knife, it’s also very functional and great for everyday carry. The Black Legion Double Trouble is a manual folding knife with a liner lock. The handle is made of aluminum with a stainless steel frame, and the 3.75-inch blade has a titanium coating.

This folding knife is a great, affordable tool that’s also got some flair. Get your Black Legion Double Trouble at!

One thought on “Black Legion Double Trouble

  1. That would be very cool as an auto. I work with my hands all day and I need an auto to get stuff done with one hand while the other hand holds whatever it is that needs doing.

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