BHQ Spotlight: Product Manager

There’s another person at Blade HQ that you need to meet; his name is Jacob, and he’s kind of a big deal around here. Jacob is the product manager, and he brings you sweet new products and works hard to keep knives in stock. You might recognize his name if you follow Blade HQ on Instagram—he and our head photographer run the show over there.
Because Jacob deals a lot with the products, he seemed like the perfect person to spotlight. Here’s an inside look at Jacob and five blades that hold a special place in his heart.



Jacob loves the outdoors. While the dry deserts of Southern Utah might not appeal to everyone, Jacob deemed Southern Utah his favorite location—he said something about the allure of its death-like appearance. (I kid.)
He does a lot of camping and backpacking in Southern Utah, but he also likes fly-fishing, snow shoeing, and shooting. In his own words, he is “a sneakerhead, design snob, and music lover/collector with over 4,000 vinyl records.”
Here’s a what happens when you combine a knife addiction with a sneaker addiction:

Now that is some serious matching skill.
Jacob’s real interest in knives was sparked after he started working at Blade HQ—a common trend among employees here—though he always used a knife while camping. You’ll be glad to hear that now he eats, sleeps, and dreams knives.
Jacob’s favorite part of his job is working with manufacturers to develop exclusives and bringing his ideas to life.
Fun fact: Geoff from Tuff Knives made Jacob’s wedding ring.

Favorite Knives

When you’re talking to the Blade HQ product manager, you know you have to ask what his favorite knives are. Here are the top five knives that made the cut:


 (These are not listed in the same order they are positioned in the photo.)

  1. Spyderco Sage. “This is my ideal EDC, just big enough to get most jobs done, but not too large that it fills my pocket.”
  2. Chris Reeve Sebenza. “A true classic and for good reason. Simplicity perfected.”
  3. ESEE Izula II. “This joins me in my backpack on all my adventures. I like the added length in the handle over the regular Izula.”
  4. Kershaw Skyline. “This one is a slicer and a flipper. Not an expensive knife, but it gets a lot of pocket time.”
  5. Spyderco Paramilitary 2. “Not the prettiest looking knife, but it makes up for that in ergonomics.”

Jacob graduated in industrial design, so he is typically drawn to knives that have visually appealing and well-thought-out designs. A clean look and an innovative use of materials are just a couple of things he likes to see in a knife.
As you can see, your knives are in good hands.
You saw Jacob’s top five favorite knives—what are yours?

3 thoughts on “BHQ Spotlight: Product Manager

  1. I love the Benchmade mini griptilian & bugout, the Spyderco delica4, dragonfly, para3 & native5, the Artisan shark, and the Kershaw cryo…OMG so hard to narrow it down as knives are like eating potato chips, you can never eat just one. LOL

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