Benchmade Brought the Blades | SHOT Show 2017

SHOT Show 2017 Benchmade Banner

2017 SHOT Show | Benchmade Brought the Blades

We are kicking off SHOT Show 2017 with a bang! Benchmade is one of the most popular manufacturers in the industry, so we made sure to stop in as early as possible. Benchmade has a great new lineup for SHOT Show 2017. From the expansion of their automatic knife line, to a whole mess of new OTF knives, to a new piece of what will likely be Balisong history. Check out all the awesome new products we got our hands on:

New Benchmade OTF’s | SHOT Show 2017

As most of you know, H&K will no longer be a part of the Benchmade lineup in 2017. Although this is sad news, as H&K had some great designs, and some Really great OTF’s, Benchmade will not leave the void in their lineup for long. Three OTF’s are debuting at SHOT Show 2017. The Benchmade Precipice, Phaeton, and 10th Anniversary Infidel. Here is a closer look at all three models:


Two New Automatic Knives | Benchmade at SHOT Show 2017

The Auto Presidio is a time tested and well loved automatic knife from Benchmade that is getting a reboot for 2017. Billet aluminum handles and CPM-S30V grace the Benchmade 5700 Presidio II, and make this knife worth keeping an eye on.

SHOT Show 2017 Benchmade Auto Presidio
Benchmade 5700 Presidio II Automatic Knife

And don’t forget about the completely new Benchmade 4400 Casbah Automatic Knife. Grivory handles, S30V, and a very affordable price tag makes this knife our sneaky pick for most exciting new Benchmade of the year.
SHOT Show 2017 Benchmade Casbah
Benchmade Casbah Automatic Knife

The 87 | SHOT Show 2017

Probably the most controversial new addition to Benchmade’s lineup for 2017 is their butterfly knife, the Benchmade 87.

SHOT Show 2017 Benchmade 87
The Benchmade 87 Butterfly Knife

One of the great unknowns of the knife world is “How good will the Benchmade 87 be?” We are as excited as you to see how the final product turns out. For now, if you know you will be picking one up, be sure to pre-order the 87 to be the first to get the real thing in your hands.
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  1. The 10th anniversary knife is Infidel, not Turmoil. Turmoil was HK brand OTF (similar to the new Benchmade Phaeton)

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