Bad Blood Knives

We just got in a new brand of knives, and I think you’ll really like them:


These are Bad Blood Knives. The company makes tactical knives, and by looking at them, you might think these knives cost a pretty penny. The wonderful thing about these knives, though, is that even though they look a little pricey, they’re actually very affordable. The company sells production versions of custom designs and also a budget line of knives.

The knives above have a custom look and feel to them, but they cost between about $40 and $55, depending on the knife you’re looking at.  Let’s take a look at each knife:


This is the Bad Blood Mosier Wisper fixed blade knife. It’s 8 inches long overall and has a 4-inch blade made of 8Cr14 steel. This is a production version of knife maker David Mosier’s Wisper—a really nice custom design. It features a somewhat elongated clip point blade, and the overall weight on this knife is 2.61 ounces. My favorite part of this blade, though, is the handle! The pattern on the G-10 looks really cool, and the contours do even more to increase the awesomeness of the knife. The contours also add some nice gripping.


This knife is the Bad Blood Mosier Crossfire:


This is another production version of one of David Mosier’s custom designs (the Cross Fire Tanto).  This one is a folding knife, and it totals 7.875 inches in length with a 3.25-inch blade. It also has contoured G10 scales, and they are very comfortable to handle. This folding knife has a liner lock mechanism, and it is a great candidate for everyday carry.


I don’t think there’s anyone out there who wouldn’t want a knife with a custom look. With these Bad Blood Knives tactical blades, you get a clean, smart design that you don’t have to pay tons of money for. Bad Blood Knives makes functional knives that offer excellent quality. Get yours at Grindworx!




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