Anomaly Stiletto

Not many of us can resist a good stiletto, but they’re often kind of pricey. If you love the look of stilettos, check out the Anomaly:


The Anomaly gives you the stiletto look and feel, but at a much more attractive price point than most high-end Stilettos. However, budget stilettos like the Anomaly will have differences between their materials and the materials in more expensive stilettos.

My point is, though, that if you love stilettos but have a hard time spending much money on them, the Anomaly is your solution. Heck, if you are looking to buy several stilettos, buy the Anomaly. It will be a lot friendlier to your pocket than the Italian-made stilettos. Another reason you might want to buy the Anomaly is if you’ve been thinking about getting your first stiletto; if that’s you, get an Anomaly to try it out, and if you like it, then move on to the more expensive stilettos.

So as you can see, the Anomaly is right for just about everyone. Let’s talk specs though; the overall length on most of the Anomaly stilettos is 8.75 inches, the blade comes to 3.75 inches, and the overall weight is 3.8 ounces. It’s also got a sliding safety and a push button release. To deploy the blade, you don’t use the push button; instead, you slide the bolster and push in the blade.

Here are a few more color options for you:


stiletto-milano-9-a150c stiletto-milano-9in-a150lb1 stiletto-milano-9in-a150p stiletto-milano-9in-a150pr stiletto-milano-9-a150fu Grindworx-flipper-a155pb-splatters-blue Grindworx-flipper-a155p-splatters-blue italian-milano-stilletto-a150cc-satin-camo italian-stiletto-a150kau

Watch this clip to get a better idea of how the knife looks and how it’s opened and closed:

Remember: get your Anomaly stiletto at Grindworx! You can thank us later.

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