A.G.A. Campolin Italian-Style Knives


It’s no secret that stilettos are awesome. We’ve talked about Frank Beltrame stilettos and Milano stilettos here on Get a Knife, but I wanted to show you some A.G.A. Campolin knives because they are pretty amazing, too. A.G.A. Campolin stilettos are made in Maniago, Italy—a town that is famous for its Italian knife-making. The company specializes in large stilettos. How large is “large,” you ask? Well, the company makes stilettos that are up to 18 inches long overall. I’d say that’s a pretty long knife.

If you’re looking for an authentic Italian stiletto, get an A.G.A. Campolin! Here are just a few of the different models we offer over here at Grindworx.


aga-campolin-sim-ivory-ring aga-campolin-maniago-italy-9in-stilleto-maltese-stag aga-italian-stilleto-campolin-15in-dark-horn-bayo aga-15in-honey-horn-stiletto-bayo aga-campolin-10-stag-picklock aga-campolin-sicilian-ring-pull-stag

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2 thoughts on “A.G.A. Campolin Italian-Style Knives

  1. I wish to purchase a light horn, 15 inch (38cm) AGA Campolin stiletto with bayonet blade BUT I need a guarantee that it will be hand picked and checked out for color(I like white streaks for color in the scales), and correct function. It must have fast action, tight lock up, and the swivel bolster must not be loose and wiggly when the knife is closed or open. I am a very careful knife collector, and I absolutely need it checked out first. I really would like to purchase one or more. Thank you, and please email me a reply soon.

  2. Hey Jon! You can call in and speak to a live rep while they personally inspect the knife and confirm the details for you.

    Call: 1-888-425-6433
    Or Call: 801-768-2303

    Our phones are open from 9 am to 5 pm MST, Monday through Friday. Hope that helps!

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